Wednesday, August 08, 2018
By Miami Photo
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Taking just a fraction of a second, photographs that are taken at the right time, capture those beautiful moments in a still frame. People were asked that in times of crisis what possessions would they grab before running out of their burning house or in the event of an earthquake, majority of them responded that they would rescue their photo albums. It is interesting to note that when in panic we often tend to grab hold of those things to which we are emotionally attached, rather than the materialistic things. The role of photography plays an imperative role in our lives and this is evident from our impulse to save those cherished recorded memories in times of crisis. With the constant desire to capture the most beautiful moments into pictures, it no longer remains a luxury but becomes a necessity to take pictures of all the important days of our lives. Your wedding, being one of the most special days, calls in for the best wedding photography in Miami.

People at times think that it is just a photograph that needs to be taken and hence question the importance of a professional South Florida wedding photographer. Truth be told, taking photographs seems to be a cake walk but in pursuance of capturing the amazingly alluring photographs at the right moments is not as easy as it seems. Hiring a wedding photographer thus becomes important for your special day. With the plethora of companies offering wedding photography and videography packages, it is only natural to feel inundated while choosing the best. Being one of the most renowned companies that hold an expertise in this arena, Miami Photo Inc. has made taking the decision of choosing the best wedding photographers a lot easier. With a rich experience in capturing the bride and the groom along with everyone present at the wedding, Miami Photo offers the best-in-class photography, videography, albums, and even photo booths.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018
By Miami Photo
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Photographs take an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still! Isn’t it true? Years from now, when telling your grandchildren about your beautiful nuptial ceremony, all you would require is photographs. Those remarkably captured moments of your wedding would not only make their face glow with happiness, but also help you recall moments that you missed registering at that time. Right from the beautiful wedding location to the distant relatives, everything would be so easy to reminisce about with magical photographs of your equally magical wedding ceremony. Having said that, if you don’t want to repent not having photographs of one of the most important days of your life in the future, consider hiring one of the best wedding photographers and videographers today itself! After all, D-day is worth cherishing for a lifetime.

Choosing wedding photography and videography packages in Miami is a tough decision for most of the couples. However, it is not difficult for those who place their trust in Miami Photo. Be it photography, videography, photo booths or albums, Miami Photo offers all. Experienced in capturing the precious moments of the couple and everyone present at the wedding, Carlos Osorio is a renowned name in the business that all prefer for getting unmatched photos and videos.

That said, if you have been looking for wedding photography packages in Miami, FL, look no further. Miami Photo is there to make every moment extra special for you even after years of your wedding.

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Friday, June 15, 2018
By Miami Photo
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Brighten Up Your Event with Photo Booths in Miami, FL


In any event, be it a corporate event, a wedding, or just another birthday party, photo booths have become a necessity. Their intriguing looks are what make them a must-have for every photography venture. The photographs clicked using these booths with family and friends feel both mysterious and fun! Not only do they add a splendid charm to the pictures being clicked, but also they also help combat the hesitation barrier for people to initiate talking to someone they don’t know at the event. In most cases, people end up together in the photo booth by accident, and there would barely be any awkwardness left!

The best part about having a photo booth at an event is that they are small packages that would add colossal fun to the event, making it a cherished one. Such booths can be rented from photo booth services in Miami who would charge you an amount depending upon the number of hours you would need them for. We, at Miami Photo, are one such service providers of photo booths in Miami, Florida, who would quickly assist you in finding everything that suits the needs of your event.

That said, don’t waste any time and initiate contact with us to avail our unmatched photo booth services right away!



Monday, June 04, 2018
By Miami Photo , Carlos Osorio
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Yuleidy and Diego chose the perfect wedding backdrop, Coral Gables, in Miami Florida. 

Miami Wedding Photographer Carlos Osorio Photographed and custom designed this album for them.

We start at The Biltmore Hotel, in Coral Gables in which the vintage rooms and classical architecture surrounding

the area provide a beautiful backdrop for any type of photographs. Across the Biltmore, you have Coral Gables Congregational Church. One of the oldest Landmarks in Miami. 

AFter their Nuptials, they drove off to The Coral Gables Women's Club to end their night.



Friday, June 01, 2018
By Miami Photo
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Coral Gables Congregational church is in the heart of Coral Gables.  The Epic Hotel is in the heart of Downtown Miami . Both venues represent luxury when it comes to weddings. Anel and Asiel tied the knot and made sure no details were left undone. Here are some photos from Miami Wedding photographer Carlos Osorio .